Strength & Conditioning

be strong

be fast

be powerful

be explosive

be an athlete

unleash your athlete


Learn the fundamentals of Strength and Conditioning. Learn proper lifting technique, develop foundations of speed, strength, power, and agility. Apply below! Ages 11-14

3 Sessions per week (M/W/F 3pm) - $117

2 Sessions per week (T/Th 3pm & 4pm) - $79

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High School  

Athletic development through speed, strength, and power training. Generate more explosive power, acceleration, agility, change of direction, and reaction time. Athletes held to a higher standard of rigorous conditioning. Athletes must demonstrate movement proficiency prior to enrollment into this program. Ages 14+

3 Sessions per week (M/W/F 4pm) - $117

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Specialized Strength & Conditioning


Integrated sport specific program. Unique skills and elite programming are designed to simulate on field, ice, or court scenarios; it is not suitable for everyone. Explosive barbell movements are integrated, and every joint developed, to improve athletic capacity and lagging disciplines which would lead to injury.  Programs include goal setting, psychology, relaxation techniques, and muscle recovery. Small student – coach ratio.

$120 - $240

  • Lacrosse

  • Hockey

  • Gymnastics & Dance  

  • Baseball & Softball

  • Golf

  • Football

  • Track & Field

  • Soccer

  • Volleyball